You are invited to join the Cape Fear Housing Coalition!
Become part of community-wide efforts to increase access to affordable housing. Simply print out the attached membership form below & mail it in. Annual dues are $35.00 and are collected annually in January. Online payment available via Paypal on our Donate page. Thank you for your support!
Cape Fear Housing Coalition
PO Box 3721
Wilmington, NC 28406 
Questions about membership? Ask us!
Message from CFHC Membership
Just as one’s housing situation affects every area of his/her life, community-wide housing issues impact every aspect of our society, such as economic development, health care, transportation, environmental protection, and education. The coalition focuses on housing concerns in the context of the community as a whole.
Our objectives reflect our commitment to bringing stakeholders together to develop innovative solutions to housing demands and needs of the future, including those of low-income and single-income households. The Wilmington we build today should prepare us for tomorrow.

At our best, Wilmington will address the gaps in our housing supply to provide opportunities for everyone… for our workforce, our veterans, our seniors, our special needs populations, and other vulnerable families. These efforts will make our entire community stronger, whether boosting the economy immediately through development and construction jobs or enjoying the ripple effects of living in a community where everyone has a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home.

Can you imagine that?